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Packing, Weather & Family Logistics

  • Weather in the Catskills Mountains during this time of year can be unpredictable, so please check for Roxbury, NY before packing and traveling.
  • In case of rain and/or extreme cold, certain events will move inside a heated tent or Reception Barn.
  • We recommend bringing a jacket for Friday evening and Saturday’s Ceremony and Cocktail Hour.
  • The Farm grounds are grass and/or gravel, so if you would like to wear heels, please consider block heels for ease of walking between events.
  • Golf cart escorts are available to move between events for anyone that wants.
  • The Reception Barn is heated.
  • Your children are most welcome to join the weekend festivities and we will have kid-friendly food at the reception. If you plan to bring them, we ask that you prepare to care for them as we will not provide an onsite babysitter.

Health & Safety Tips

  • We will continue to monitor the COVID situation and update any health & safety protocol we may ask guests to follow so everyone is as safe and comfortable as possible.
  • We request that everyone be vaccinated and boosted unless your personal medical situation prohibits it. All venue and vendor staff are vaccinated. **Please take a Rapid COVID test before arriving to the venue.**
  • We recommend wearing a mask if that makes you more comfortable but at this time, masks will not be required.
  • Our wedding dinner will be served family-style so everyone can have a taste of everything! If you have any kashrut or food allergy concerns, please email so we can make arrangements with our caterer.
  • If you have any specific concerns or questions about health & safety at our wedding weekend, please reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • MUST I COME FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND? We would love to have you join us for as much time as you can or would like but there is absolutely no pressure to attend the entire weekend. The main wedding event (ceremony + reception) is on Saturday, November 5.
  • I HAVE DIETARY NEEDS/ALLERGIES, HOW CAN THAT BE CARED FOR GIVEN FAMILY-STYLE DINNER? We want to make sure you are as comfortable and safe as possible, so our caterer can arrange for a specific plated meal according to your dietary needs. Please email to let us know by Oct 10.
  • WHAT IS THE DRESS CODE? Friday evening & Sunday morning are casual, and Saturday is formal.
  • WHAT IS THE COVID VACCINATION AND TESTING POLICY GUESTS WILL FOLLOW? We request that everyone be vaccinated and boosted depending on your personal medical situation. All venue and vendor staff are vaccinated. We recommend wearing a mask if that makes you more comfortable however it is not required at this time. **Please take a Rapid COVID test before coming on site**
  • HOW FAR IS THE WALK BETWEEN WEDDING EVENTS? Each location is approximately a 5-minute walk from the next. Some are up or downhill, or accessible via a gravel path, so we recommend using the golf carts on standby and wearing shoes that are easy to walk in.
  • WHAT IF I OR A MEMBER OF MY PARTY NEED ASSISTANCE GETTING AROUND THE PROPERTY? We will have multiple golf carts and drivers on site for the entire event on Saturday, November 5. If you prefer or need a ride, they will be happy to escort you between events. If anyone needs dedicated support, we can also arrange that. Please email to discuss further.
  • CAN I CALL AN UBER IF I NEED A RIDE TO MY LODGING? No! There's NO Uber, Lyft or taxi operations in this region, so please plan your travel to/from your lodging and throughout the weekend ahead of time. **Please complete the shuttle bus request form so we can help get you to and from the wedding reception on Saturday safely by Oct 10**